The GIMP vs. Photoshop

August 24, 2008

This could be seen as a narky entry on what works better, but I can assure you that’s not my reason for starting this post. I am both a PS and GIMP user, I spend an equal amount of time in both. As much as those of you passionate about your “weapon” of choice would like me to side with one or the other, that’s just never going to happen.

More after the cut if you’re interested.

Both programs do pretty much the same thing, just in different ways. I think for users who have never fully learnt both programs, trying to understand the difference, or why it doesn’t work the “same” in the other program will definitely lead to frustration.

My explanations and tutorials were never meant for people new to either program… I have tried my best to thoroughly explain each and every step for the program I wrote it for, but I do assume you have a basic to intermediate knowledge of that particular program in order to follow along, and hopefully understand what the heck I am on about.

I started with The GIMP (as any hobbyist should before spending cash). It does have my heart and I will defend that program to the death against any Photoshop elitist who says its a waste of time. However, because The GIMP is open-source… and not “industry standard”, there came a time when I figured I should learn Photoshop as well. The silly thing is, the migration to Photoshop (when you still have GIMP as a backup) sounds a whole lot less painful than going the opposite way.

For all you Photoshop fans out there, I have some good news. The next tutorial or two will be covering the funky “fake bake” spotted in the previous entries, and how to do it yourself. YAY!!! I personally use PS CS3… so for anyone using older versions… if something is not quite right I apologize, but that is all I have to go by.

Photoshoppers, Gimpers, Love you both the same! Mwah!

Ciao for now!


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