In February of 2010 the official Second Life Forums flicked a switch and moved over to a new fomat. I have edited the links to point to the archives, hopefully you can still follow along. 🙂

Somewhere deep down in the official forum archives you can find this absolute GEM of a filter for Photoshop. BUT- to save you the effort of finding that post (it’s not the easiest thing to find), I’m just going to post the jist of it here. The original thread for this dates back to December of 2006 O.o … WHY this wasn’t stickied I have no idea!

So… what the heck is “RGB Theta”, and what can you do with it? Short answer is- you can FAKE the BAKING process which you would normally need a 3D application for. It allows you to render a lighting effect based around the 3 dimensional avatar figure (or any normal map) WITHIN Photoshop.

All you need is Abu Nasu’s nifty lil plugin, and Chip’s Normal Maps and you are ready to start “baking”.

Sexy advert for where you can find the before and after bodysuits (male and female) if you want to run around looking like a spaceman. Image links to SLurl.

Read on after the cut for more information, as well as links to where you can find these goodies.

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This is a Ramble!

October 3, 2008

So… I am still waiting on my laptop to be resurrected from the dead, and have been using a dinosaur of a desktop for the last 3 weeks. The downside is I’m not able to do *intense* work, hell, I am lucky to still be able to access SL at all BUT the upside is I’ve been delving in to *possibilities*. I’ve come across an awful lot of things that I might not have had time to browse if I had my head buried in PS or GIMP.

What follows from here is a list of utterly cool crap I’ve found over the last few weeks. Some you might find interesting, some might go over your head. Read on if you want to, or skip over this part. As I said in the title- this is a random ramble! 😉

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