This is a Ramble!

October 3, 2008

So… I am still waiting on my laptop to be resurrected from the dead, and have been using a dinosaur of a desktop for the last 3 weeks. The downside is I’m not able to do *intense* work, hell, I am lucky to still be able to access SL at all BUT the upside is I’ve been delving in to *possibilities*. I’ve come across an awful lot of things that I might not have had time to browse if I had my head buried in PS or GIMP.

What follows from here is a list of utterly cool crap I’ve found over the last few weeks. Some you might find interesting, some might go over your head. Read on if you want to, or skip over this part. As I said in the title- this is a random ramble! 😉


The first thing I discovered was by chance when reading the official SL forums. The poster was Abu Nasu (someone who I have already referred to as God somewhere here) explaining “multi chan hax“. In the first post he mentioned “I can now switch between a bunch of mapping channels in the same file.”… which was enough to lift my interest and keep checking back.

I have MINIMAL 3D experience, but the words “mapping channel” had me hooked. From what I knew of them… and how he was phrasing his responses… he had managed to make a plugin that allowed the same sort of theory to be applied in Photoshop. OMGWTF!!! However, I had to wait a few days to confirm that assumption… then BAM! Here is the Tech Slop link so you know what I am on about. Multi Chan Hax Head . HOW COOL IS THAT SH*T!!???!?!?! And it isn’t just for the head! There is also .mch files for the SL legs, and another one for part of the legs with the torso!!!! Seams could be a thing of the past with this super-nifty little plugin!

Yes.. I may have gushed in my response to this on the SL forums… and gone so far as to offer my first born… but but but but!!!!! For ANYONE who has ever whinged about wanting a DIFFERENT mesh to texture in PS, this is basically the answer to your prayers! I’ve run it through its paces on this crappy desktop, and I am pleased to say it offers exactly what is promised. I can’t wait to get my laptop back so I can REALLY get cracking with this cool lil plugin. 😀 I AM UBER IMPRESSED!!! I definitely owe Abu Nasu a beer or a good bottle of red.

  • SiteGrinder

I was rummaging through a Photoshop tutorials site, and I clicked on a link to something that claimed you could “Create a Website in Photoshop”. Anyone who knows me in RL, knows I HATE coding. Yes, I can read basic html, NO, I don’t see the point in wasting my time with it (hence the reason I have a BLOG not a WEBSITE- lmao!). HTML, CSS, Javascript… BAH!!!! That’s no fun at all! I get frustrated at why I can’t get it to work the way *I* want it to work, and usually end up getting my boy to either walk me through it (he’s such a calming influence), or I get HIM to do it FOR me. *Giggles*. However…!

Let me show you the SiteGrinder website. *Grin*… “SiteGrinder 2 turns Adobe Photoshop into an easy-to-use and powerful website design and production tool”. THIS is HIGH on my Christmas wish list! So far, I have downloaded and fiddled with the demo offered on the site. It is fully functioning, but watermarks anything you output- which is fine by me because I want to TEST it before I BUY it! I’ve found it easy to understand, and haven’t had any “hair pull” moments ;). That surprised me, because I still pull my hair out with Dreamweaver and Flash. I can use them, but not as well as I’d like to be able to.

According to those “In-The-Know” with website creation, apparently the output/behind the scenes coding of the sites I’ve made is “messy”. But honestly… It looks pretty, and it works. That is all that matters to ME!

  • The GIMP 2.6 officially released

“GIMP 2.6 is an important release from a development point of view. It features changes to the user interface addressing some often received complaints, and a tentative integration of GEGL, the graph based image processing library that will eventually bring high bit-depth and non-destructive editing to GIMP.”

GIMP 2.6 Release Notes, GIMP 2.6 Downloads

I know GIMP is no comparison to the powerhouse that is Photoshop, but you have to give them credit for their continuing improvements to something that is FREE for everyone!

I think the funnest thing they have added is “brush dynamics”. PS has had this for quite a while. It allows you to use the brush with scatter/size/opacity tweaks on every stroke. I haven’t has a chance to test out if it supports dynamic photoshop brushes yet (it does support PS brushes, but I don’t know if the dynamics are supported in the same manner)… This will be interesting. I know a tonne of GIMP skin-makers who would greatly benefit from being able to use the Nagel Series skin brushes within GIMP.

The other cool “catching up with PS” tool is the ability to wrap text within a bounding box. Just drag out the size you want your text box to be, and it will move the last word to the next line when you run out of room. WHY this wasn’t an update earlier, I don’t know. But its a time saver- so YAY for GIMP adding that feature!

Another little change is the “on-canvas” previews for some (?) filters. Usually filters have been given their own preview window, with the filter settings beside/under the preview. Now, you’re able to view the whole working canvas before you commit the change. Again, this is GIMP slowly catching up to Photoshop. I don’t think there was anything *wrong* with a separate preview, but it’s nice to know you can view the whole image before you apply the filters.

*takes a deep breath* Ok folks, I do believe my rant is over. 😛

Thanks for stopping by!

Claire Harford


3 Responses to “This is a Ramble!”

  1. arthur cohen said

    Thanks for the link to multi chan hax. I’m downloading it now.

    I got SiteGrinder and I love it and I think the code is very clean and easy to edit. Now that I have SiteGrinder I can finally use DreamWeaver and not pull my hair out. But DreamWeaver without SiteGrinder is worthless.

  2. claireharford said

    Grab it while it’s HOT! I really hope Abu Nasu keeps up his great work. Multi Chan Hax could soon become something I can’t live without (a bit like the previous FAKE BAKE I keep using over and over).
    I’m planning on writing a tribute to Abu and Tech Slop very soon. The dude needs a lot more praise and publicity. No, he DESERVES it! ROFL!

    My Christmas wish list consists of two things this year… an upgrade to CS4 when it comes out… and SiteGrinder! I don’t like my chances of getting both, but if I mention them often enough *bats eyelashes*… maybe Santa will cave to pressure.

    Anywho- I am glad someone read my ramble! I’m glad I could share my discoveries with the world. 🙂

  3. shanell tigerpaw said

    i cant stop reading how great Abu Nasu plug in is, i download it but i have no idea how to use it… can any one please, please, please help me
    I installed the plug in, i load the template but than what? how i actually create someting with it?
    (i am clothes creator i do know how to work with casic templates and will be more than thankfull if someone please help me to use Abu’s too it sounds just awsome)

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