MultiChan Hax- A Temporary New Home

March 21, 2012

Earlier this week the TechSlop wiki went down and it might take a while to be sorted. Abu Nasu has graciously allowed me to host the MCH filter and files on his behalf until it’s fixed.

I’ve managed to grab a copy of the MCH Repository page through googles cache system which means I can leave the details and description to The Master himself.


MultiChan Hax Filter

You will need to install this filter into Photoshops plugins directory before you can use the files below.


Designed for creating patterned stockings. The ratio is 1:2, so watch out for that. (This is the filter used in the two-part MCH video)


One day I got into the mood to do a bunch of mapping channels. So I did a bunch of channels. Some head shots, legs, torso stuff, and things. Can’t say for sure what all of channels are what because I didn’t take any notes on them. However, I do remember a few. The very first channel is all head, upper, and torso with each tucked away in a corner. Channels 21, 22, and 23 are the individual head, upper, and torso chunks.


Contains two different MCH files for legs. One of the MCH files in this rar was used in Map Chan Hax Leg Seams. The other one is more like the default mapping and may be more intuitive.


Contains two different MCH files for working with the shoulder areas. One has 2 channels and the other has 3.


This is the MCH file that is almost identical to the one used in the Multi Chan Hax Head tutorial.


A quick little ditty for matching upper and lower for the jacket layer. Designed for documents with a ratio of 2:1, so start with 1024×512 or so. The upper will be on the left and the lower will be on the right. After that, chop it out and go. There are two different seam channels that are very similar. One has the front in the middle and the other has the back in the middle for full wrap-around goodness. Didn’t cover the entire jacket layer, but I did get the bulk of the seam between upper and lower. I used the default female mesh and that had some effect on the operations. Should be okay to use for male design, but I haven’t tested it specifically for male distortion


Description: Several mapping channels for working with the female arm.


Several mapping channels for working with the male arm.


Really quick cylindrical mapping channel for the SL skirt. Quick as they are, they work uber dandy for SL skirt seams.


Real quick planar mapping on the male torso. No arms, no legs, or head. Just quick planar on the front and back of the male torso. The first channel has the default mappings, and the second channel has the planars. The second channel is mostly like the first, but the back is extremely lower. I could have laid second over the first, but that would lead to confusion. With the back extremely lower, easy to see which channel you are looking at with a glance. Should be pretty decent for placing logos and similar on the front and back. Remember that the mapping is planar and thing will distort as the 3d mesh curves around.


6 Responses to “MultiChan Hax- A Temporary New Home”

  1. […] has started hosting the files needed for Multi-Chan Hax. LINK Multi-Chan Hax – Image […]

  2. Thanks… I’ve linked my tutorials to your page.

  3. Mannon said

    Hi ! I was wondering where i should place the .mch files ??? Do i place them into the filter folder too ?? Can’t find a file in Photoshop with such extentions at the moment.. Hope you can help !

    • claireharford said

      When you run the MCH filter there is a button to at the bottom to load the MCH file you want to use. They don’t have to be in the same folder as the filter but it’s probably *easier* to keep them together so that you can find them again. Once you’ve set the location you shouldn’t have to find them again- unless of course you move them all!

      • Mannon said

        Thanks ! I will follow the tutorial after i placed the items in the right folder 🙂
        Excited about this hax thing 😉

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