This page is a “work in progress”… I am nowhere NEAR finished with it yet!!

I figure I should probably put up some of my sources for tidbits of information. Some of them are purely related to Second Life, others are more towards skills worth knowing so you can convert them in to your designs.

I am an eternal student. I seek out information and I thoroughly enjoy learning new things. Nothing is ever truely mastered. I dislike people who “big-note” themselves, but I adore the people who make their knowledge and skills available to the rest of the world.  I know for certain I’d still be flailing about if it hadn’t have been for people willing to lend a hand.

While it would be impossible for me to credit each person individually, I guess this page of links is my thank you to them, for providing us with something to learn from.

ENOUGH WAFFLING!!!! Let’s get to the links!!


Official Second Life Forums

The Official Second Life Forums: If you haven’t been here at least once in your lifetime, I would be mightily surprised! My most frequented section is *still* texturing tips. The stickies at the top contain some of the most invaluable information an SL designer could ever want or need. It is also moderated by some of the most knowledgeable helpers of Second Life. I ❤ the forums! My top two posts from the forums are below.

Transparency and Alpha Channels: The Definitive Guide- Get this MASTERED!!! Learn it, live it, breathe it. Until you can DO this with your eyes closed- keep going back! This is the hardest concept to grasp for those who are new to digital design. Chosen Few is very clear and concise with his explanations, even if it is a little bit “textbook” at times.

SL Clothes Previewer- Awesome offline clothing previewer by Johan Durant. It is a standalone application for both Windows and Mac OS. It saves a lot of “hair-pull” moments and multiple uploads when fine-tuning your creations.


Q: What template is the best?

A: All of them!!!

No, seriously, I use all of them, all the time!!! At least i think I use *all* of them… If you know of any more, I’ll take them as well! I decided long ago to put all the templates into one master “from scratch” file. It is the PSD I open when I start a new project. I have the default Linden Labs template, Chip Midnight’s multi-layered template, Robin (Wood) Sojourner’s template AND Abu Nasu’s vector template all in one file. It is overkill, but it’s there if i ever need it. 🙂

Official Second Life Templates Seldom used, but good for “boobage” area- lol.

Multi-layered PSD Templates by Chip Midnight Probably the most comprehensive set available.

Robin Wood’s Avatar UV Templates The larger files support Photoshop “smart objects” for more advanced users.

Abu Nasu’s Vector Templates Photoshop only (won’t work in GIMP), enable “Paths” palette to find them.


Starting from Scratch

Too many new creators seem to want shortcuts for clothing creation *sigh*. Those type of resources are perfectly acceptable… but… unless you’re able to understand how it was done, you won’t learn anything from simply clicking layers on and off. The more you work at it, the better you get, the happier you are with what you produce. And… I hate to say this, because I am sure I’ll tread on some toes… a RESOURCE should be FREE and available to the whole community.

Natalia Zelmanov’s Mermaid Diaries: This is home to some of the most easy to follow, highly informative tutorials on almost all facets of Second Life content creation. From prim hair, to clothing, to a simple way to make a skin, Natalia has done very well to produce such a “content rich” blog.

Nicola Escher’s Tutorial Page: A couple of basic walk throughs on how to make a simple shirt and tattoo. This site also tries to explain alpha channels (again with the alpha channels!).

Robin Wood- Simple Tee Template: Going back to Robins site to grab the basic Tee she offers as a PSD.

Nuclear Boutique Strapless Bodice: Exceptional quality, image heavy, step-by-step guide to making a strapless top for SL. It might not be where to start if you are new to all this, but it could be something to aim for.

Luminosity Button Tutorial: How to fake a button for SL.

Luminosity Texture Tutorial: How to add a more cloth like finish to your clothing.

Faux Fold Finish for GIMP: How to make a tiling “satin” like fabric texture for GIMP users.

Second Style PDF: Starley Thereian’s wrinkles and folds tutorial as featured in issue 4 of Second Style Magazine.

Theory behind folds in fabric: Not specifically related to SL, but well explained none the less. Perky Nipple Video: This is one of the funniest photoshop vids I’ve seen. Twiddler Thereian takes us through the process of “nipple making”. This video made me lol @ “poker chips”. Pen Tool Video: The Pen tool on PS, or the Path tool in GIMP is something you should really get used to using. It can save a lot of headaches about “jagged edges” when you become familiar with the benefits of using it.

Obsidian Dawn: AWESOME resources! From brushes, to patterns, to images, to tutorials… this site is in my top ten MUST VIEW list for those itching to design.  I am linking this to her FAQ page, because it clearly states that they are free to use, but if you can’t or don’t want to CREDIT her, commercial licences are $3.00 per set. Cheap as Chips!

Digital Tutors: Ok… so… this isn’t really a link for SL as such, but it is a fabulous resource about how to use various programs. Digital Tutors covers *almost* every program you might want to use for SL. From Photoshop, to Maya, it’s all here. Umm… Errr…. if you’re a PS user… read all of them! I can remember the day I found this… I was like “Duuuuude!!! Where has this site been hiding all my life?”.

COLOURlovers: Brush up on your colour theory here. I can spend HOURS just LOOKING here (sad, aren’t I?). Colour theory is something no designer should dismiss. It can make or break any creation. Banish black- go technicolour! These guys have thousands of colour palettes for you to view.

TechSlop: 😀 Yet another reference to someone I think is COOL! Abu Nasu, and all his gizmo’s and discoveries can be found here. Multi Chan Hax, RGB Theta (fake bake), that other *thingy* I don’t remember the name of… anywho- well worth a browse!


Skin Design

I’m giving this a different section because it is a different level of difficulty if you do it right. I’m listing everything I know of, what you do with it is up to you. All I ask is that you LEARN from them. Remember what I said before? Clicking layers on and off is not learning anything new :S Sorry if I’ve offended anyone.

Eloh Eliot’s PSD’s: These caused quite a bit of controversy when they were originally released. They are very well presented and an excellent resource for when you are starting out. Please read through her terms of use included with the PSD’s.

Splendour Skin Resource: The quality of the base skins speak for themselves. They are flattened images, so modifying them will be more difficult- but if you’re after a VERY big shortcut- this could be a place to start.

Olila’s Second Life Tutorials: Hands down the best step-by-step tutorial on skin making currently available. Olila takes you from start to finish using Photoshop and Smart Objects. If you really want to say “I made it from scratch” this is where you should head!

Texturing Skin in Adobe Photoshop: This is the first part of a three part series that walks you through how to texture skins for 3D models in PS. The brushes created by Dave Nagel are fantastic. This is where I got the bulk of my info for my own personal line of skins. And yes… I chose to do it the hard way! 😉

Multi Chan Hax Head: This is a fantabulously-super-dooper “quick and sleazy” way of photo-sourcing a head using Abu Nasu’s (can I call him GOD again?) PS plug-in. I’ve already mentioned it in one of my posts- but it deserves to be here too- along with all the others. FREAKING NIFTY SH*T!!!!

Namssour’s Slider Conversions: I learnt a lot from this PSD… I found it facinating to see how someone else organizes their work. Oh! And I also discovered the powers of “adjustment layers” after opening this. Great stuff! On page two of the downloads section, Namssour has also offered up her high-res fingernails and toenails as well. The goodies just keep coming!


Sculpted Prim Tools

Sculptypaint: In my opinion the easiest program to use if you’re just wanting basics. Cel Edman has worked hard in all his upgrades to this tool. It also supports a simple “baking” function allowing you to add shadows and highlights to the sculpts you have created.

PloppSL: ROFL!!! This is NOT a serious design tool- but it IS a heck of a lot of fun! Imagine those helium balloons you get on special occasions… THAT is what this program does. The coolest thing about it is, that it is able to export the colour as well for both from and back of the “plopp”. Fun to play with, but I doubt it has a “serious* use, at least not for me. Highly entertaining though!

Sculptie Generator: This is an in-world sculpted prim generator. If you can edit prims, or build in SL, this tool is simple to understand. The newest version supports higher resolution sculpts, as well as the choice between your starting shape (sphere, cylinder and cube). Mango Splash continually works on upgrades for this device- and he is a VERY patient person if you ever require assistance. 😉

BlenderUnderground: The Basics Series is an entire collection of video’s that should get you started using Blender for modelling. It is not specifically SL related, but as anyone who answers 3D modelling “help” questions will tell you… you do need to learn the whole program in order to use it properly… and usually BEFORE you can make anything decent for SL.

Domino Designs: These Blender scripts provide Second Life sculptie map support to Blender.


6 Responses to “Links of Interest”

  1. stuffy said

    none of your links work

    • claireharford said

      Eh, that doesn’t surprise me. The links were first posted in 2008, some were added in 2009. In February 2010 the official Second Life forums switched format and most of the awesome threads were archived (which means different links *sigh*). One of these days I’ll get around to correcting them.

  2. shanell tigerpaw said

    can someone please please pleeeeease help me with Multi Chan Hax, my name in SL is shanell tigerpaw.
    want to know more about it as i hear its really a good tool but i have some several questions that i cant find an answer to at their official sites or tutorials…

  3. moon darkthorn said

    this link is broken: Abu Nasu’s Vector Templates and I believe found them here

  4. moon darkthorn said

    oops and forgot to say, YOU rock. Ive been in “learnin mode” for awhile, and not quite ready to kick my shoes off. its been HARDER than H eeeee double LL finding resources and then here you are not only with the best of what Id already spent days and days looking for, but more too boot.

    put in a word for us mac folk will you with tech slop please…love to have that multi-chan thingy, or some equivalent that works as well.

    thank YOU


  5. moon darkthorn said

    this has been removed from the creators site: Nuclear Boutique Strapless Bodice maybe you have a copy of it?

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