May 28, 2008

So here I am, full of hopes and ideas. Inspired constantly by the “pay it forward” notion, and ready to add my piece to virtual history.

The basics:

  • I do not claim ownership over most of what I am going to post here. I am merely compiling link backs to things I have found useful and interesting for content creation in Second Life.
  • I am a forum junkie for resources, most of what I’ve found has been referred from there.
  • I feed off creativity and drown in drama. Please keep gossiping out of this place… please.
  • I will strive to provide information first and foremost, I will add my own view on how each piece might help, and offer advice as I see it.

There is a wealth of information on these topics, if you are willing to search them out. I am merely making a shortcut for anyone wishing to find them quicker!

So here goes… wish me luck!