This is a follow on from the Denim Jeans Tutorial. It follows the same basic theory on bump mapping and displacement used in my previous entry. If you read this and find I am skipping a few steps, I suggest trying the denim tutorial as well.

As with before, the final outcome will be up for sale in Afton’s ONE dollarbie shop , with a link back to this blog.

Now… let’s get cracking! 😀

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This one may be just the place to start the tips and tricks, because it give you a quick look into “better” photography for SL. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, being able to take and even tweak a snapshot is an abosulte “must know”.

Part One looks at capturing images, and getting the most out of your settings. I’ll look at both in world capture methods, and touch lightly on how to use external programs for screen captures. I’ll also go in to some advanced menu options, to really make the most of your pics.

Get ready for some tips and tricks below the cut…

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May 28, 2008

So here I am, full of hopes and ideas. Inspired constantly by the “pay it forward” notion, and ready to add my piece to virtual history.

The basics:

  • I do not claim ownership over most of what I am going to post here. I am merely compiling link backs to things I have found useful and interesting for content creation in Second Life.
  • I am a forum junkie for resources, most of what I’ve found has been referred from there.
  • I feed off creativity and drown in drama. Please keep gossiping out of this place… please.
  • I will strive to provide information first and foremost, I will add my own view on how each piece might help, and offer advice as I see it.

There is a wealth of information on these topics, if you are willing to search them out. I am merely making a shortcut for anyone wishing to find them quicker!

So here goes… wish me luck!